Sons of Anarchy creator asks Rockstar to handle game tie-in

Kurt Sutter wants to talk to Grand Theft Auto studio about turning his hit biker TV drama into a game

Kurt Sutter's attempt to see a game made based on his FX biker drama Sons of Anarchy has had nearly as many twists and turns as an episode of the show itself. In the latest such development, Sutter this morning took to Twitter to ask for Rockstar Games' help in getting it made.

"@RockstarGames you should make the SOA game," Sutter wrote. "I know it's an expensive/complicated process, but let's chat, see if we can make it happen."

As the developer behind the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar is well acquainted with making games based on the exploits of outlaws. Perhaps too familiar, considering the Grand Theft Auto IV add-on The Lost and The Damned already dropped players into the middle of a biker gang power struggle.

Sutter has been vocal about his desire to see Sons of Anarchy given the gaming treatment. In May, he said that everyone at the FX network and Fox were "committed to making this happen," but the situation changed significantly soon after. By August, Sutter said he was getting "no traction" on the project, that it wasn't a priority for FX, and that a big publisher that had been in talks on the title had blown him off.

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Kai Oehler Game Designer 5 years ago
What people outside the industry don't realize is that when the creation of a game is publicly requested, the publisher is disinclined to make it because it wouldn't be a secret if it were created.

For example, if the public knew all along that Red Dead Redemption was going to be made, other studios would quickly, even preemptively release a similar title, undercutting Rockstar's profits. The same often applies to independent games seeking support of publishers to create their game.

Another factor that most people don't realize is that seemingly good concepts don't transfer welll to games. If someone pitches it as a 'like-GTA-title' because certain elements are similar, or it could be a 'biker-town version' of it, Rockstar will just make GTA. There's no reason to make a title that has a unique, differentiating gimmick to the game.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
That and hell, who wants another Prison Break? That game came long after the show was dead in the US and wasn't so hot. SoA is on the way out if I'm not mistaken, so a game popping up in a year or two would be a bit odd. As the article notes (and I'll lightly expand upon) The Lost & The Damned is pretty much the best SoA episode that wasn't, so that's where it should stand.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 5 years ago
Fox are on board? I'd stay a million miles away then. Plus I don't think the Rockstar guys will want to make anything that wasn't their idea in the first place.
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