Halo franchise has generated $3 billion since launch

New stats from Microsoft show 46 million games sold since 2001

New figures from Microsoft have revealed that its Halo franchise has generated nearly $3 billion in revenue since launch, with more than 46 million Halo games sold.

Halo: Reach alone was responsible for $200 million in revenue in just 24 hours across Europe and the US, with Halo 3 managing $170 million in the US on day one. Halo 2 clocked up $125 million.

"Halo is a $3 billion blockbuster franchise which has shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers," said Microsoft's Chris Lewis.

He also detailed some of the lengths Microsoft are going to make sure the launch of Halo 4 will generate plenty of press attention.

"From the world's first ever red-carpet premieres for a video game to sending a man strapped to a jet-pack 50-foot above London's iconic skyline, Halo launches have continually broken the mould and we are back with a colossal bang for Halo 4, transforming a country on the biggest scale imaginable".

Last month GamesIndustry International interviewed developer 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor about the series.

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 6 years ago
George Lucas probably just read this and was like "is that all?"
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Devante Adams designer 6 years ago
Nintendo probably looked at this and said "whats the big deal, New Super Mario Bro on the Wii has sold 26 million by itself. Add the DS version and thats 56 million copies in one generation".
Activision is probably wonder what the fuss is all about since it sells more units & makes more money off COD than MS makes from Halo in one generation as opposed to Halos accumulation over two generations.
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