Games Education: Get in the Game

Video: Microsoft, Sony, GamerCamp and Headstrong offer advice for students looking to turn a passion for video games into a career

All this week we'll be running video footage of the GI Fair, part of last month's Eurogamer Expo, in which industry professionals discussed and offered practical advice to those looking to enter or advance their career in the video game business.

The second session from last month's GI Fair, held as part of the Eurogamer Expo, looks at games education and how students and graduates can hope to carve out a career in the video game business. The roundtable is introduced by GamesIndustry International's Rachel Weber and features Sony's Maria Stukoff, Lee Stott of Microsoft, GamerCamp's Iain Harrison and Greg Booker of Headstrong.

The panel discuss the skills and knowledge needed to start on a specialist video game course, taking advantage of available learning tools and teaching yourself to use free software, what skills employers are looking for from graduates and the importance of a polished demo.

GI Fair: Get in the Game.

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Latest comments (2)

Hakki Sahinkaya5 years ago
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate this. It's nice and very comforting to know I am doing most of the things they are looking for.

I would have asked if I was there if there is a worry about turning a hobby into a job.
I know directors say things like, once you get into the 'biz', you'll never enjoy movies in the same way and some even say you get sick of them.

I live and breath games now, it's one subject where I can talk for hours and in my spare time from my job I am working on my personal project and it is super fun. But it is super fun because it's at a hobby level. I am a little unsure if it will stay fun if I was doing it FT and I would have liked their input on how they adjusted to that and in what ways it affected their outlook on games in general.

Maybe if you guys need questions for future meetings like these something along those lines would be good to get a feedback on.

Anyway, for now, I'll keep the job and the hobby project going and just continue having fun and see if it needs to lead anywhere. Thanks for the vid, very informative and we need more stuff like this.
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Ahmad Salman5 years ago
Actually all the stuff they said can be found out through googling. but still, it was a nice video and there were some nice advices
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