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Tablets used mostly for gaming

New study from Flurry gives detailed picture of mobile usage

Tablets are primarily game-playing devices, according to a new study by Flurry, a mobile analytics firm. Flurry looked at 6 billion application sessions across 500 million smart devices, and found that tablets were used for gaming much more than smartphones were, and for longer periods of time. "Further reinforcing that tablets are 'media machines' is the fact that consumers spend 71 percent more of their time using games on tablets than they spend doing so on smartphones," said Peter Farago, vice president of marketing for Flurry.

Smartphone users skew younger than tablet users, on average, 30 versus 34 years of age. Smartphone users are more often male (56 percent to 44 percent) while tablet users are evenly divided by gender (51 percent male). Tablets show a higher usage from 7 pm to 10 pm than smartphones, and slightly lower usage during the day.

The key chart shows the time spent on different categories of apps. Games are the number one category for both smartphones and tablets by times spent, easily outpacing social networking. Game use took up two-thirds of the time spent using a tablet. Finally, users spent twice as long per session on a tablet as they did on a smartphone (8.2 minutes versus 4.1 minutes).

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Latest comments (3)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 8 years ago
Tens of millions of 7 inch tablets are currently being shipped making it the most significant new gaming platform since the smartphone.
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Kevin Hogan Product Manager, Mediatonic Ltd.8 years ago
No doubt that tablets are becoming an increasingly important platform for games. However, there's a flaw with this study as it only covers the subset of apps that have Flurry Analytics in place.

It's impossible to draw a valid conclusion on the "Time spent per category" section until the weighting by category per device is known. If 90% of the apps that are being tracked on tablets are games for example, then the findings here would not be so favourable.
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Kevin Patterson musician 8 years ago
I find this amazing since I almost never use my Ipad3 for gaming. I mainly use it for news, media, web surfing, and reading.
Apple and adroind makers should release a controller dock like the wikipad if this is the case,
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