Microsoft launches Win8 games competition

Professional trailer, mentoring and a month's worth of marketing support for winning title

Microsoft is kicking off a competition to encourage developers to support and publish games through the Win8 Store.

Submitted games will be judged on originality, audio, design and artwork, use of Win8 App features and playability, and judged by Microsoft, YoYo Games, Nokia, Dolby, GamesIndustry International, UKIE and TIGA, amongst others.

As part of the prize the winning game will receive a month's promotional campaign and a commercial trailer created by Trailer Farm worth 4000, as well as mentoring from Eidos chairman for life Ian Livingstone and a 500 gift card. All ten games that make it to the final selection will be invited to a VIP event at Dolby Sound Studios in SOHO in January

"With the very recent launch of Windows 8, the innovative Microsoft Surface and announcements on Windows Phone 8 there has never been a better time to develop game apps for the Windows platform and be seen potentially by millions of consumers in the UK," said Andrew Webber, UK marketing lead for UK Indy Game App Builders.

"We hope to attract new and existing game developers to publish their Windows 8 game app in time for Christmas to the Windows 8 Store and also stand the chance of winning a great prize bundle which is focused on helping both the developer and their game title be as successful as possible."

Games submitted to the Win8 Store should be based on the developer or studio's own IP, with full details about how to enter the competition on the official site.

Runners up will also receive prizes of a smartphone, mentoring from a TIGA board member and a 250 gift card. The competition ends December 14. More Windows 8 resources can be found here.

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Latest comments (7)

Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 6 years ago
Good luck with that...
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises6 years ago
Their problem with this is in order to make a Win8 game or app, you also have to install Windows 8 on your own computer. Is it really worth the hassle and expense of upgrading to Windows 8, when it looks like it will be as hated as Vista was?

No, it's not. Especially for the consumer who can get every decent PC game off of Steam, and stick with Windows 7.
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Adrian Herber6 years ago
@Craig Windows 8 does certainly have some real and PR issues, but it is neither expensive nor a hassle to upgrade to it from Windows 7, and it's about 100% backwards compatible with Windows 7 (I already have it on a laptop with numerous programming IDEs installed). For anyone who was interested in Windows 8 Modern programming, it is pretty easy to go to Windows 8 for that, but carry on as usual for everything else.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 6 years ago
I'll throw my hat into this ring. I like Modern UI and now if they just start upgrading their own software to use it properly others will undoubtedly follow. When utilised well, it's far more productive than a standard desktop.
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Andrew Lee Pearson Studying Game Designer, Train2Game6 years ago
@All the people with no proof of the rumours.

I upgraded online for 24.99 cheap compared to upgrading Window 7 a few years back.

Steam yes Steam I have steam running all my games fine. Can I just say steam one more time.

If people are scared of the Microsoft Design Style start screen, simply put the shortcuts on the Task Bar like in windows 7.

Download a trial or see a friends, don't judge it on rumours use facts.

As for the new Start menu I have all my office software, design software nice and neatly arranged in columns.
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Sergio Rosa6 years ago
Sometimes I get the impression that Windows 8 is the OS to hate just because Gabe (Newell) hates it. I don't expect Gabe to love Windows 8 just as I don't expect some Coca Cola dude love Pepsi, but I'd expect others to come up with their own opinions rather than "me too" ones.
Personally I don't have Windows 8 (yet) because I don't have an extra computer to spare, and I don't even have the time to focus in Win8 app store stuff now that I'm still in the middle of making my game, but I will do it some time next year.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
Nice idea.
Apple have had an app store on Mac for a couple of years now. It works very well and is widely used.
But Macs are a niche product compared to PCs. So adding an app store to Windows is a very big thing indeed.
It also shows Microsoft's intention to move away from plastic and cardboard to the interwebs for content distribution. Which will have a huge bearing on the game industry.

I can understand the haters with a vested interest in the old order mouthing off against Win 8, but the simple fact is that soon hundreds of millions of people will be using that app store.
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