Bleszinski wants to fix Resident Evil

Gears of War designer publicly proposes a collaboration with Capcom for survival horror series

Former Epic Games lead designer Cliff Bleszinksi could be interested in breathing new life into Capcom's Resident Evil series. Over the weekend, the developer posted as much on his Twitter account, saying, "Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)"

While Capcom may debate just how much the series needs fixing, this month's debut of Resident Evil 6 showed mixed indicators of success. The publisher sent 4.5 million copies to retailers for launch, the largest initial shipment in company history. However, the game received mediocre review scores, and failed to claim the top spot on the UK charts in its debut, coming in second to EA's FIFA 13.

Bleszinski is well familiar with Capcom's survival horror series. In the past he has cited Resident Evil 4 as one of two primary inspirations for the original Gears of War (along with kill.switch), saying he learned from the game's over-the-shoulder camera angle and narrative intensity while designing the Xbox 360 shooter for Microsoft.

Conveniently, Bleszinski may have a bit more time for collaborations these days. Earlier this month, the developer ended his 20-year stint at Epic Games, saying it was time "for a much needed break."

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
Funny. I've been dreaming for YEARS about this but from a slightly different angle. I was kind of hoping Epic and Capcom would team up with Sega and make a Blue Stinger/Dino Crisis game, but hey, Cliffy B and Resident Evil would be a good match. Well, as long as he did something REALLY different with RE and not just template Gears of War into the project.

OK, Capcom - get on the phone, I say. If you can let Ninja Theory do Dante up with a fine makeover (and bring back fun gameplay), I think an injection of Vitamin B(lesinski) is a really GOOD thing.

Off to watch the hurricane swirl by. Things are kicking up just now (and I forgot to get more milk while I was out - oops)...
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Richard Westmoreland Senior Game Designer, Codemasters Birmingham7 years ago
There are many designers out there who would love to fix RE... I'm sure whilst it continues to sell in large numbers Capcom would argue that it doesn't need fixing.

I'd be interested to know if he would take RE back to its roots as a survival horror game, or finish the transition to a run and gun 3rd person zombie shooter. I suspect the latter.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 7 years ago
I lost interest in the series when the mood switched from "trying to get out alive" to "going in badass, investigating". Which was around part 4. Although I really like the games Cliff Bleszinksi helped to create, I am not sure he can salvage this franchise. The story is too far gone and between good cover shooters on one end of the spectrum and Dead Space on the other, RE as a game is a underperformer whose saving grace is an endless supply of marketing from cinema tie-ins and game shops.
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Hugo Trepanier Senior Game Designer, Ludia7 years ago
Does he want to fix RE6 or make a better RE7? It's obviously a bit late to make fundamental changes to 6.

I'm a bit surprised he would want to join another studio in a consulting role after having just quit his highly enviable position at Epic.

Also when your game has the number "7" in its title it's probably time to consider a spin-off or something entirely different instead of a pure sequel.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
While I have no doubt Cliff could fix the RE series I don't see it happening. I mean, isn't he just starting his break? He needs to relax for a bit.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 7 years ago
Am I missing something? How in seven shades of sanity is Cliffy B. qualified to FIX resident evil?

If this had read that the creator of Silent Hill had offered I'd have taken it seriously but, Gears of Evil is hardly going to be a fix now is it.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
So does he mean he's going to turn it into an actual horror series again as opposed to an action-fest?
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Hugo Dubs Interactive Designer 7 years ago
Capcom UK answered him to bring Pizza. I think they found his comment stupid
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
I think the problem here is too many people forgetting Cliffy did other games BEFORE borrowing elements of RE4 and sticking them into GoW. Unreal, for example, has some great scares in a few spots and that opening sequence is still pretty memorable in terms of a few things.

Anyway, it's not as if he said he was the ONLY person who could "fix" RE, so I don't think it was taken as an insult at all. Shit, it's not like he's some whiny Capcom-hating "fan" who constantly grouses about Mega Man Legends 3 getting canned and wants every RE game to play like the first two or three installments and NEVER change (yes, there were some out there who hated RE 4 because it had no traditional undead moaning and clawing about).
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Jeremie Sinic7 years ago
What does Cliff Bleszinski does in his free time? Fix Resident Evil :)
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