G4 cancels X-Play, Attack of the Show

Makeover for TV network means game-focused programming gets the ax at the end of the year

Two of the longest running game-friendly shows on TV are coming to an end. TV Guide reports that G4 is cancelling X-Play and Attack of the Show, with the final new episodes of each series airing in December.

The move is part of a network makeover to become a more "upscale, sophisticated" channel for men, possibly something along the lines of the magazine GQ. The proper rebranding is expected to take place early next year. Recently appointed G4 general manager Adam Stotsky told TV Guide that the shows have been important to the network, and he intends to honor them as they wind down with a series of farewell episodes featuring favorite hosts and guests from the past.

X-Play debuted in April 2003 on G4 predecessor TechTV, and has run for roughly 1,300 episodes. Attack of the Show premiered two years later, and has produced 1,700 episodes in the time since.

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago
Am I the only person that won't miss either of them?
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
They might as well get rid of the entire network since everything else on it is either old series reruns or complete garbage.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
As much as I dislike G4 (which has gotten worse over the last few years), killing off their remaining tech and games content means no one will watch the crap they'll change into. I mean, really - a GQ-style "upscale" and "sophisticated" programming change? WTF does that even mean? Mustacheterpiece Theater, brought to you by Men's Wearhouse? Yeesh. Ah well... RIP G4 - good years and bad, it was a weird, stupid but sometimes interesting ride.
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Kenneth Seward Game Designer 5 years ago
R.I.P xplay. My time watching them when I was a youngling during the tech tv era will forever be remembered. I know Adam moved on, but I wish only the best for Morgan. But attack of the show can burn in the lowest parts of hell for turning into attack of the internet.
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Jeremy Gifford5 years ago
Yup, the channel pretty much died for me with the tech tv to G4 change over. I've always hated what they did with Attack of the Show. Will forever keep fond memories of The Screen Savers.

Congratulations to Comcast G4 Media for taking over an awesome channel and driving it into the ground. The only truly impressive thing is the eight years it managed with the continuously worst crap that they played.

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Liam Farrell5 years ago
If GQ is anything to go by, it'll be like a cut price version of Spike TV, with everything being syndicated shows on a constant repeat cycle. Cheaper that way. Americans should be glad they even got the early years of Tech TV before the rot set in. In the UK any attempts at gaming shows or channels last no longer than a year.
I guess with the advent of daily gaming content online, G4 became obsolete and tried to go down more of an "entertainment" route with writing that looked like a 15 year old boy wrote it, to broaden the audience. That's television all over. Never mind the internet, TV is behind print media in terms of game content
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Justin Trautmann Studying Digital Media & Multimedia Technology, Hillsborough Community College5 years ago
G4 had the possibility of doing some real good things for gaming, but opted instead of do reruns of Cops and Cheaters inbetween two original shows (AOTS, X-Play) and the occasional silly movie. I couldn't stand the writing for X-Play (I don't need fake sarcasm, I can get real sarcasm through the internet) and AOTS didn't know what it wanted to be as a program. They had an hour to cater to people who were interested in technology, gaming, and pop culture... instead we got two women who, while pretty, were ignorant of anything beyond an iphone and segments that had zero credibility on possibly interesting topics.

Where were the interviews with people in the gaming industry? Where was the analysis of details that are of value to consumers of video games? What was the point of talking about tech when you rushed the tech guy? Why speak on movies when you just go to a press junket like any other program?

They had a lot of potential, but failed near every step of the way. The idea of a gaming channel is sound - you just need to accept the fact that the people you want to watch are not going to be distracted by silly stuff.
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I will not miss either show. I loved Judgement day more than X-play and Attack of the Show.
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Josh Meier5 years ago
I would have preferred it stay as TechTV. Things went down hill the moment G4 bought up the network.
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Henry Toliver Network Analyst I, Windstream5 years ago
Another cable channel bites the dust. Right along with Cartoon Network, A&E, and (shudders) SyFy. We might as well face the music. Television along with music is pretty much on life support due to the internet and the freedoms that it gives people, so now, networks don't even try anymore.

Edit: And trying to find a tech interview on AotS was like trying to find somebody at Radio Shack who ACTUALLY knew something about technology!

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Quincy Ward Studying Computer Science, University of Arkansas5 years ago
Icons was the best show they had...I would love to see that on DVD or Netflix
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
I'm laughing at the internet, though - if there's ever a huge enough hack or crash and people CAN'T see all these shows that have moved there for a few days... then what happens to the business model? You can't just tell a few too many million customers to hang on for a bit while things are sorted out.

Eh, as usual, we'll see what happens. If this stupid hurricane knocks out power here, I'll at least have my handhelds charged up and ready to go for a few hours. If they stop working, then it's battery powered handhelds. If those give out, well, board games are in the closet. No matter how crappy it gets, I won't be staring at a blank screen at all at any point, that's for sure...

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Greg Wilcox on 29th October 2012 5:26pm

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Kevin Patterson musician 5 years ago
I'm saddened but not surprised by this, G4's management has slowly been drowning the channel. When TechTV and G4 were separate, they were both great. When they joined and G4 started becoming Spike TV I was turned off and stopped watching as much.
Xplay used to be an awesome show when Adam first started it and later when Morgan joined, but they killed it's budget, dropped the days shown, and it wasn't as funny or entertaining, but I still watched off and on. The channel progressed further into the mire of cops, cheaters, etc and the channel was just ruined. I can't imagine the new directions is going to work out, good luck with a GQ channel, like everyone wants that....... This is going to end badly for Gq-G4......
I hope Morgan, Kevin, and Adam manage to stay involved in the industry long term.
Kevin should just go tour with a band as he is a talented drummer.
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