Nintendo looks to spark Wii sales with Just Dance, Skylanders bundles

The new bundles will go on sale on November 4

Only a little over a week after announcing a Wii price drop to $129, Nintendo of America has decided to try to entice consumers with new Wii bundles in advance of the Wii U launch. Ubisoft and Activision have partnered with Nintendo to sell bundles including Just Dance 4 and Skylanders Giants, respectively.

Starting November 4, consumers can choose from one bundle including Just Dance 4, a white Wii console with matching Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controllers, offered for $129.99, or a bundle including Skylanders Giants, a blue Wii console with matching Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controllers, one Portal of Power, two Skylanders characters and one exclusive Giant Skylander, all for $149.99 - while supplies last.

"These bundles give consumers a way to enjoy some of the hottest new games for this generation's most popular console at an attractive price," said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America's vice president of Licensing. "Together with our third-party publishing partners, we're delivering maximum value for families who want to get the most for their home entertainment dollar."

Both Just Dance and Skylanders have proven to be very popular franchises and appear to be a good fit for the Wii demographic. The Just Dance franchise has sold more than 13 million on the Wii console alone, which makes it the top third-party Wii franchise of all time.

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Henry Toliver Network Analyst I, Windstream8 years ago
Bundles always help during the holidays, but I'm still a little perturbed of how strong the Yen is. How did it get that strong?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Henry, there are several factors that lead to the Yen growing so strong against the USD.

First, the USD is losing its own value.

But on the other side of the ocean, the tsunami and earthquake sparked a massive boost in anticipated recovery spending. A lot of investors and insurers also repatriated money back into Japan that was normally held in oversees currencies. The Bank of Japan hasn't done as much as expected slow the strengthening either. The Japanese also save their Yen way more so than Americans save their USDs which drives up value.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers8 years ago
Insightful as always Jim. I feel like Japan is doing the opposite of China with their currency!
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