Obsidian Kickstarter closes with nearly $4 million

Project Eternity surpasses Double Fine record by more than $600k

Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign has closed with just under $4 million.

Project Eternity surpassed Double Fine Adventure's $3.3 million haul yesterday, setting a new record for a game project on the popular crowd-funding platform. Obsidian's final total was $3,986,929 from 73,986 backers.

Project Eternity's final $4 million stretch goal - which promised to "enhance the whole game," including "live instrumentation" on the game's soundtrack - was not met.

"Unfortunately this couldn't last for an Eternity, but it was an absolutely incredible run," a statement on the game's Kickstarter page read. "A profound thanks to all of you."

To read our interview with Obsidian co-founder Chris Avellone, in which he discusses crowd-funding in detail, follow the link.

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Nick Wilson Contributing Editor, PCGamesN5 years ago
They did reach $4,000,000 with the addition of the $140,000 from the paypal account. The stretch goal was met.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 5 years ago
The official stats posted in the last Kickstarter update were:

Kickstarter: Backers: 73,986 Pledged: $3,986,929
PayPal: Backers: 3,681 Pledged: $176,279
Totals: Backers: 77,667 Pledged: $4,163,208

The Paypal amount will probably continue to go up as people add forgotten shipping costs, upgrade their pledges, and so forth. All in all, quite a nice little haul!
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