Xbox 360 sells 270,000 units in US during September

Microsoft maintains its Xbox 360 momentum as we approach the fourth quarter

Microsoft has just revealed (via Major Nelson) that it's sold another 270,000 Xbox 360 units for the month of September in the US. Xbox 360 held 49 percent market share among current-gen consoles. This is the 21st consecutive month that Xbox 360 has maintained its lead as the top selling current-gen console in the US.

In a press release, Microsoft also noted that total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in September (hardware, software and accessories) reached $380 million, and consumers spent more on Xbox 360 products in September than they spent on the other two current-generation consoles combined.

The company is highly optimistic about its holiday prospects, with big titles arriving, like Forza Horizon, Dance Central 3, Fable: The Journey and, of course, Halo 4 (launching on Nov. 6). Beyond that, Microsoft believes it can make an impact with Internet Explorer for Xbox 360, Xbox for Windows 8, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Music.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 8 years ago
I wonder how much of this is down to their new subscription based purchasing model?
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany8 years ago

That would be a nice plus to the information given here, indeed. Still quite impressive result for a console 7 years old.
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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters8 years ago
I'd like to see figures on that too. If it's successful I can definitely see it as a good way of getting over the initial high cost of the next gen machines.
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