Gree signs four more indies in North America

Gree's mobile social platform continues to get a boost

Mobile social platform provider Gree has announced partnerships with four more North American independent developers. The developers named are Enders Fund, Fathom Interactive, Fifth Column, and FreezeTag, each of whom will publish games on the Gree Platform.

"We're very focused on working with indie talent here at GREE and we're committed to helping these guys succeed," said Gree SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing Eros Resmini. "We know each of these guys is different. Some need the technology and some want to leverage our know-how -- we're happy to help them however we can."

"As a small, indie developer, we face significant challenges in today's highly competitive social mobile gaming market. Working with the GREE team allows us to focus on making a great game and getting it out to the right players, while maintaining full ownership of the title," says, Andrew Marsh, CEO of Fifth Column Games, Inc. "We are impressed by GREE's successes in this industry and how quickly they have been able to establish themselves as a worldwide leader. We look forward to working with GREE Platform to make our games an international success."

Fifth Column, founded in 2011, does not have any titles announced for release on the mobile social platform. Enders Fund's first title on the Gree Platform will be TriviaThis, with an unannounced release date. Fathom Interactive's Sky Pirate of Neo Terra and Freeze Tag's Party Animals will launch on the Gree Platform by the end of this year.

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Have to wonder if US Law Markers will have to follow Japanese legislators approach to this social media
The headlines "Japan Ban on Social Game Monetization Gambling practices" and the whole issues of 'Gache' subscription payment model could prove a big back-lash with the 'soccer moms'?
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago

I said this a while back and it didn't go down well with some of the people on here. I especially pointed out that targeting children as the main buyers (using their parents credit cards no less) was going to explode in a big way (which it promptly did!).

It's not rocket science to see that greed, leading to nickel and dime'ing of customers is going to eventually lead to a big backlash. Zynga are already victims of this as people simply get fed up of paying for every feature in a game and having their friends auto-spammed by the games they are playing. We need to go back to treating the players like our friends and not some mindless source of free money.
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