Introversion's Prison Architect paid alpha raises over $100,000

Tiered payment system boosts UK developer's latest project

Introversion's latest title, Prison Architect, has raised over $100,000 in its first days, as users download and pay for access to the maximum security prison sim.

The alpha build went live on Wednesday September 26, and offers players a range of payment options through a pre-order system.

Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend, Introversion's Chris Delay and Mark Morris revealed that in 72 hours the game had raised $101,145 with 2667 sales, with tiered pricing ranging from $30 to $1000.

A tiered pricing system inspired by Kickstarter offers multiple options, from access to the alpha and a copy of the game, to art books and soundtracks, special editions and users paying to be digitalised in the game. The exact break down of those sales follows:

  • Base ($30) - 1801
  • Aficionado ($35) - 343
  • Introversioner ($40) - 134
  • Name in the Game ($50) - 302
  • Physical Pleasures ($100) - 69
  • Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face ($250) - 13
  • Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture ($500) - 1
  • Warden Norton I Presume? ($1000) - 4

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Oliver Birch Director of Marketing, Hothead Games9 years ago
Good news! Wishing Introversion all the best of British!
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