Ex-Sony PR: Sony sending titles out to die

Will Powers rant says Sony "serving too many masters"

Sony has doomed many of its titles and is "serving too many masters" according to a rant by Will Powers, a PR representative for Sony cut in recent layoffs at the company.

"You have to wonder what the hell PlayStation was thinking laying off more than half of their software PR team going into the holiday season," Powers wrote on Twitter.

"In typical fashion they're sending titles out to die, because they have no PR support - [Little Big Planet Karting], Sports Champions 2, Wonderbook. Worst part is, the PR department was already under-staffed. I feel sorry for those that remain there, because their workload just doubled."

He argued that while the PR department didn't generate revenue, it was also low cost, making the layoffs a strange choice for cost cutting.

"PlayStation shouldn't suffer because TVs are overpriced"

"They outsourced entirely too much work to overpriced agencies, so laying off is only going to exacerbate an existing problem."

He has now deleted his tweets, but Kotaku captured them before they were wiped from the social media service.

He also argued that Sony served too many masters, and that "PlayStation shouldn't suffer because TVs are overpriced."

Powers was the winner of the inaugural season of The Tester in 2010, a show where members of the public competed for a role as a QA tester for Sony.

"The job is a foot in the door into the industry, but it's up to you what you do with it after that," he said six months after his win in 2010.

"So, take this great opportunity that you fought tooth and nail to win, and make something of it!

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By Brendan Sinclair

Latest comments (8)

Guy Pearce VP Brand & Marketing, Caperfly5 years ago
It's a brave reaction from a young guy in his first job. He'll learn from this.
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Fightclub rules...and soap
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Christopher Bowen Editor in Chief, Gaming Bus5 years ago
If anything, I wish he'd have kept his rant on Twitter. Why delete it? You know we're going to archive that just in case that happens, as Kotaku did. OWN that shit.
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Dan Lowe 3D Animator, Ubisoft Montreal5 years ago
While this chap's comments should probably have been kept to himself, I feel bad for anyone that posts something online in the heat of anger and then has that archived and made into a news story.

It reminds me of a recent editorial on Kotaku where they complained that developers don't speak up more ( ), but a major reason why they don't speak up more, is that developers are afraid that a single misplaced comment will end up as the story of the day on sites like Kotaku.

If developers were considered as individuals with their own subjective opinions, and didn't have to worry that everything they said could be treated as though they're a spokesperson for their company, perhaps they'd be more open.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
It reminds me of a recent editorial on Kotaku where they complained that developers don't speak up more
It's worse than that Dan. This guy is in PR and this is a very non-PR friendly move. Even if there's truth to it, it also just looks like sour grapes given the context of him recently being fired.

As always, think before you tweet.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
OMG, the whole news agenda is gradually moving onto Twitter. We have had the Guardian chasing us here at Kwalee this week because of a Tweet.

Will has a point (though he could have been more diplomatic) in that PR remains by far the most cost effective marketing tool and that it is even more cost effective when done in house. However the whole nature of PR has changed radically and is far more tied in with things like community and SEO these days.

However with Will we are only seeing one side of the story and Sony, obviously, won't tell their side. There is presumably more going on here than the simple facts in the article above.
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"We have had the Guardian chasing us here at Kwalee this week because of a Tweet."

Which one? The one of Nguyen Van Lem being executed with a photoshopped rainbow coming out of his head or the one making light of the holocaust that read "Coming soon from Team Unicron: Mein Kraft: Auschwitz Edition!"?
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Steve Pritchard Studio Head, Headstrong Games5 years ago
A young bloke, possibly facing his first redundancy in an industry where they can be an occupational hazard, reacts angrily. Yeah, I feel for him because this kind of instant reaction is understandable but potentially damaging.

I hope future employers recognise that what is said in the heat of the moment is not the norm for most people.
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