ArmA III developers arrested in Greece

Greek government says developers were spying

Two employees for Arma III developer Bohemia Interactive have been arrested by the Greek government on suspicion of espionage. The government contends the pair was on the island of Lemnos scouting the location and taking footage of Greek military facilities. Arma III takes place in future versions of the Greek islands of Lemnos and Ai Stratis, with Lemnos planned as the largest area in the title.

In a statement released on its official forums, Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel denied the reports and said the pair was just vacationing on the island for a holiday trip.

"We can confirm that two Bohemia Interactive employees, our colleagues and friends, were arrested during their holiday trip to Lemnos. They visited the island with the sole purpose of experiencing the island's beautiful surroundings," Spanel said in his statement.

"Since its establishment in 1999, Bohemia Interactive has created games based only upon publicly available information. We always respect the law and we've never instructed anybody to violate the laws of any country. The same is true for Arma III."

"Currently, all our effort goes towards supporting the guys over there, as well as their friends and families affected by this difficult situation. We sincerely hope that this is an unfortunate misunderstanding of their passion as artists and creators of virtual worlds," he added.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
Marek is almost obsessive about authenticity so it is easy to see how he could annoy the Greeks.

Bohemia are one of the world's great development studios in their innovation and the way they have both led a genre and pushed it in new directions. A far cry from some of the blockbuster me too rubbish.
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Fully agree Bruce, they plough their own furrow and see success because of it. For some reason this equation is a mystery to 95% of the industry.
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Tom Keresztes Programmer 6 years ago
They probably trying to be too authentic ;) But i am sure they will be released soon.
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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games6 years ago
sorry guys, but this is plain stupid. you do not go in a military zone in such sensitive border location and start taking pictures ignoring the signs. authenticity? really?

afaik, this, no matter which country you are in would lead to arrest and investigation. as for the charge, it may sound extreme but that is what you are charged with when you are caught doing that. i am sure they will be fine, but it's just silly. they will soon be released.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Yiannis Koumoutzelis on 12th September 2012 11:24pm

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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
They will be released eventually, that's for sure.

Not the best time for making a joke maybe but... let's be positive: now they can get realistic data about how a Greek prison is on the inside.
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