Wikipad to sell at GameStop for $499

The gaming-focused tablet announces its first retail partner, and its pricing

The Wikipad Android tablet with detachable gaming controller announced its first retail partner today: GameStop. "GameStop is the retail destination when it comes to video games," said Fraser Townley, president of sales for Wikipad Inc. "For those that purchase or pre-order a Wikipad at GameStop, their tablet will have access to valuable extras including exclusive free, full-length game titles."

The Wikipad is a 10.1" tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with a Tegra 3 processor and a 1280 x 800 screen; the tablet will be just 8.6 mm thick and weigh 560 grams. Storage has not yet been announced, though it will be at least 16 GB and will be expandable through a micro-SD slot. The wraparound detachable controller features analog joysticks and a full array of buttons.

GameStop's Wikipad pre-order campaign will begin in stores on September 7. Pre-ordered Wikipad's will come with value-added extras including full-length titles; GameStop will announce the specific titles soon. The tablet will begin selling in October, and will include games delivered by PlayStation Mobile, Nvidia's TegraZone, and Google Play as well as some platforms yet to be announced.

Wikipad's pricing is in the range of current iPad pricing, but Amazon's announcement of several new Kindle Fires today at low price points may be upsetting everyone's price calculations for the fall.

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Latest comments (22)

DeShaun Zollicoffer Editorial Director, Geek Revolt7 years ago
Way too much, cool device, but I can't see it gaining any ground. No one wants to spend $499 for a gaming tablet.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
I just had a 2006 PS3 E3 Conference flashback.

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James Brightman Editor, North America, GamesIndustry.biz7 years ago
Sadly I agree. I wanted them to succeed. But man, that price will kill them, especially with the rise of all these cheap tablets - highlighted by the Kindle news today.
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Lee Hansiel Lim Game Developer - Unity3D, Anino PlayLab7 years ago
way too steep, I think. . .
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Jeremie Sinic7 years ago
It looks really cool. As other have said, it's a real shame the price is not that cool. Maybe they could propose the detachable pad separately?
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
As I predicted. That price will scare off too many people because they'll immediately look at the numbers and not check for whatever content comes with that ticket fee (as they should).

But hell, people... isn't that what happens when you pack a LOT into a new device? It seems that the folks behind it are betting on those
games delivered by PlayStation Mobile, Nvidia's TegraZone, and Google Play as well as some platforms yet to be announced.
as much as they are the device's unique look and built-in controller

As for the whole PS3 "buying into potential" thing that people still discuss. Yes, it was a wacky statement... but hold on uno momento - like it or not, that was the truth.

ANY new device you buy, be it a phone, computer, car or food item, you're paying partly for its potential to get you excited for not just what it is, but what it can do (or in a lesser manner, what each person wants it to be, even if the thing never lives up to it).

The PS3 has spoken for itself many times over since that speech, that's for sure.

I'm not sure about this Wikipad, though, but only time (and good games) will tell.

Also, @James, I'd guess that that new Kindle can't play some of those games coming to the Wikipad, so that will be the draw for people who happen to game more than read.

We all need to look at each of these devices for what they're made for, NOT lump them all up into a sack and think they're going to all be used for the same stuff by every single user. Also, that new Kindle? If you buy the super deluxe tricked out version, you're paying the same as what this thing costs. Be fairer in your criticism, I say.

I still won't buy either one, though.
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Paul Shirley Programmers 7 years ago
Oh dear. Not long since SE launched the Xperia Play at an equally stupid money price. So ridiculous a price they had to halve it - TWICE - before sales crept to life.

Looks like history is repeating. It turns out that offering things like Playstation Mobile on a device doesn't justify a huge price premium... can't see how that's changed in the last year.
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Christophe Briend Gameplay Programmer 7 years ago
And Archos plans a similar product (with smaller screen) at 'less than 150 euros'..
see Archos Gamepad news on engadget :
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Greg, I agree that part of the purchase price is always potential given that content on a console is never static and locked but point of entry price must still be factored into the potential for success itself.

A Bugatti Veyron at $75,000 is one hell of a deal but that's still $75,000.
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James Berg Games User Researcher 7 years ago
$500? Seriously? This device seems doomed to failure in new and exciting ways.
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Daan Berckenkamp General Marketing Consultant, House on Fire7 years ago
My money is going to Archos's cleverly named "GamePad" in a couple of days ;)
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
Hmmmm, $499 for an Android 10" gaming tablet. Or $349 for an Xbox 360 and a 27" TV.
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Eek. No sale guys - this is worse than I feared. If it makes it to Australia, it will be more than $600 here - getting to double the price of the PSV, and almost triple a 3DS. And a lot more than a new iPad3.

Why so much? Look at the Amazon tablet prices...? The shell can't be that expensive to make??

Again - dump the tablet, and just sell the shell (maybe in a couple of sizes) to work via Bluetooth or NFC.
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Steve Peterson Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
There's varying degrees of failure and success. It seems highly unlikely that Wikipad could gain significant market share compared to other tablet makers -- but they might be able to make a very nice profit even if they only sell a small fraction of the number of tablets Apple or Amazon sells. That said, $500 is a tough sell for a gaming-centric device; if buyers see it as a good buy for a tablet with its feature set, that might be a different story.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Sorry, Steve but I just don't see it.

$500 for a gaming device with little modern, major gaming content.*

$250 for a PS Vita with good modern, major gaming content.*

$170 for a Nintendo 3DS with excellent modern, major gaming content.*

Those willing to pay up to $500 for a portable games console will far more than likely look to Nintendo and Sony. To say nothing for other gaming tablets trying to make their mark at cheaper costs.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd7 years ago
@ Michael Because 1) Amazon sells their tablets at or even just a little under production, hoping to make that money back on content sales and 2) This is quite a bit more powerful than Amazon's offerings (more around the Nexus 7).

The problem is, as long as there are people like Google and Amazon willing to sell at cost, stuff like this cannot compete (really neither should an iPad, but that's another kettle of worms).
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
True, but a Bugatti is made to do one thing (two, if you count inflating one's er, ego). At least the Wikipad will offer those who shell out for it (again, I'm not one of those people) the ability to do a lot more things. Granted, the company being so damn vague about content isn't helping push that price point at all.

That said, those who decide to early adopt this thing won't be stopped by a price point (like a Bugatti, a tub of caviar or a next-gen/new-gen console, a lot of those purchases are made because the product is new and the buyer will be first on the block with one, not because it's really any better than anything cheaper).

Hell, back in the early 90's I used to work with a guy who (eek) kept bringing his NeoGeo to work and plugging it into the break room TV because no one else could afford one and he HAD to show it off for some reason. He wasn't the most liked guy there, that's for sure.
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Jason Pullara Podcaster 7 years ago
I have thee things to say about this:

1) The WikiPad is not a Bugatti. This is not an exclusive rich mans toy that acts only as a status symbol. It's a Lexus - a re-branded Toyota that nitwits pay for because they think they have the extra cash to spend at the end of the month.

2) There is no market space for this device.

Gamers who are interested in gaming on Android already have a device similar to this in every way possible (size, performance), or are already distracted by a device priced $330 lower than this in the 3DS.

Non-gamers will be more attracted to the more comfortably priced Fire and Nexus line of devices, or are already distracted by the iPhone/Galaxy line of phones that they simply don't want to give up $500 (up front) for this device.

3) Nobody - not one person - gives one iota of a shit about any of the games available on this platform. First: none of them are exclusive to this device. Second: anything that IS exclusive will end up being a monumental pile of dung that had its budget cut several times over (re: the next Final Fantasy game on iOS/Android).

This and the Ouya are going to get punched in the face real hard when they release. Maybe not "fail" - as failing in business indicates a failure of the business model and thus closing shop - but they're certainly not going to be nearly as attractive to consumers as these high-brow executives behind these products seem to think.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
@Jason: I agree for the most part, but watch the PR dance that happens when sales over a certain amount are seen as major successes because they outperform other devices. That's par for the course, of course... but at the end of the day, ANY device that strays far from pure gaming is going to thud out with some people who just want something that will work and play good games at the end of the day.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game7 years ago
Not only is it more expensive than a Nexus, Fire, Archos, Vita or 3DS, you could get either a Vita or 3DS, plus any one of the mentioned tablets, for at least $100 less.

So if I can get a Nexus 7 for my tabletty things, and a Vita or 3DS for when I want to sit down with a more in depth game, and have $100 change there seems to be little it can offer. Some people wan just one device, but then you are carrying around the detachable controller shell anyway, taking up the space of the 3DS. If there isn't much content that won't run on the Archos, it loses it's USP.
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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert7 years ago
The price isn't that bad- or I'm not informed well enough about apples pricing in the US. If they are able to use a calculator and the price will be around 389 Euro, it would be still cheaper than the IPAD 3 in it's smallest version (it starts at 479 without 4G and only 16GB capacity). And like Greg already said there's more to it than just gaming. It will feature lots of other stuff and apps that android supports. Did anybody ever surf online with a DSi? It's probably one of the worst devices since the WAP has disapeared. Is it possible to "work" with a PSVITA?
Why do people buy the Ipad and not a way cheaper PS Vita?
Gamestop will sell the Wikipad in Germany in "selected stores", but there's no price tag yet.
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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert7 years ago
Gamestop Germany announced the sell of Asus and Nexus Tablets. The Sell will begin on friday in selected stores:
Maybe it's worth an article?
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