US channel G4 up for "sophisticated" rebrand

But will still focus on male audience and video game content

US cable channel G4 is to get a rebrand, according to a report by Variety, taking on a more "sophisticated" approach to programming and presentation.

The pop-culture channel specialises in video games and tech content but after the appointment of former NBC marketing chief Adam Stotsky this year, a series of internal promotions have reorganised the team in a bid to capture a more mature male market.

According to the report, the rebrand will debut early next year but the channel will still focus on video game and technology, helping to distinguish itself from rivals such as Spike and Velocity.

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I don't know when NBC took over G4, but as soon as the last original cast member from the older G4 (Kevin Pereira) left, was when I gave up watching the channel all together. The older G4 was a lot better, with Cory Rouse hosting "Cheat", Kevin Pereira co-hosting "Arena", Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico hosting "Electric Playground" and better review show "Judgement Day", Teemaree on "Filter", and Tina Wood, Laura Foy, and Scott Rubin on "". Electric Playground was actually the show that introduced me to a lot of the main cast members especially, Geoff Keighley. When he wrote Final Hours of Portal 2 is when I realized he now is mainly on GameTrailers and other video game related shows/events on Spike and MTV.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago
Just kill it with fire and start over with something completely different.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
I remember Tech TV before it was bought out by G4 - that was a channel for geeks (and I mean that in a good way). Programing quality was high if niche and it had what was the best video game show on television (Extended Play). I joked at the time when G4 bought Tech TV they did so for Extended Play (changed to X-Play) - years down the line that seems to be pretty much the case.
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Justin Beck Studying Intro to Computer Simulation and Gaming; Animation, Milwaukee Area Technical College5 years ago
Ah, G4.... What happened? It was a gem to gamers, but it slowly went down the drain. I remember watching it months, if not a year or so before the merger, (and discovering X-Play on Tech TV a few short weeks prior). It really had a sense of passion towards gaming, especially with shows like Icons. But then it slowly became another Spike channel. I lost interested due to the very lack of gaming focus and disappearance of imported shows, finally stopping even checking it out the channel once in a while when learning during E3 2012 the news that Adam Sessler wasn't around anymore. I may check the new "rebranding," but I don't have any hope for it.
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