Raspberry Pi begins UK production at Sony facility

South Wales plant now turning out innovative hardware

The Raspberry Pi is now being produced in the UK, at an electronics plant in South Wales, after a deal was struck which enables the foundation behind the device to maintain its low price point.

The machine will now be fabricated at Sony's UK manufacturing plant in Pencoed, passing all of Sony's stringent ethical sourcing and construction standards. 30,000 Raspberry Pis will be produced at the plant a month under an initial contract, with some others still being made abroad.

Previously, UK tax laws on electronic components had prevented local manufacturing, but six months of negotiations have cleared the way for a domestic contract which will create at least 30 jobs.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 5 years ago
Fantastic news! Great to have any sort of production over here in times like this!
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Adam Tuckwell Public Relations Manager, Jagex Games Studio5 years ago
Excellent news!
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