Words On Play Episode 6: Staffing, users and innovation

A podcast by developers, for developers

User experience researcher Seb Long joins the Words on Play crew to delve into some developer issues. What do micro-studios miss the most by having so few people? How important is the user experience side of development? And do developers have a responsibility to innovate in their games? Deep stuff!

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Words on Play is a podcast by a group of independent game developers, where we chat about industry issues, development and, of course, games.

Our aim is to bring a developer perspective to the topics that interest you and let you peer into the minds of some of the UK's most talented developers (once we drag them into guesting on the show). Whether you're a student looking to get into the industry, a fellow developer or just a gamer with a dull commute to fill, Words on Play is for you.

This episode features: Seb Long, user researcher at Player Research; Fat Pebble co-founder and creative director Mike Movel, and (as always...) Rob Sienkiewicz and Rowen Holt, the co-founders of Second Impact Games.

Download it here, or listen in the flashplayer below.

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Ralph Tittensor Programmer, Climax Studios5 years ago
What happened to episode 5? ;)
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