BioWare GM unsure if free-to-play will save Old Republic

BioWare Austin's Matt Bromberg talks about the game's shift in business model

BioWare Austin's new general manager Matt Bromberg is unsure if the shift to free-to-play to improve the fortunes of Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a huge impact. When asked by CVG if the transition would help the MMO, Bromberg simply replied, "I don't know."

"My primary intention is to make as many people play this beautiful game that we've made," he added. "It just so happens that the business will naturally grow as more people come to play the game, but we're not trying to squeeze every single penny out of it. A lot of other games that have moved from subscription to hybrid haven't lost as many customers as you might think, in fact a lot of them have gained subscribers."

Bromberg declined to give internal targets for subscriber numbers.

"I can't say what it is. But also because I'm not sure. You have to plan for this but you can never be sure. We do think the numbers will grow steadily but we're not looking for some enormous surge on day one," he said.

CVG's full interview with Matt Bromberg can be found here.

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At least hes being honest in that he has no idea if changing revenue models will increase or decrease the bottom line.

Zynga's rapid decline is showing that the micro-transaction model for primary revenue is not the gold mine it was hyped to be.

The big question is, how much will non-paying customers cost them and can they drive enough conversion through "freemium" to make it a net win. Saying "subscriptions decline less then you might think" is not much of a statement of confience that they can.
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Kevin Danaher Associate Producer, EA Mobile9 years ago
What this comes down to is that they made the wrong kind of game. Millions of old republic fans wanted another game concluding the trilogy. EA decided they wanted to make an MMO instead because, if you're gonna make any game nowadays it has to be inherently multiplayer. Sod the story based single player games that sold millions beforehand clearly everyone wants more and more WoW clones!
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