MLG disqualifies "colluding" League of Legends eSports teams

Curse NA and Team Dignitas manipulated first round of final, lose titles and $40k in prize money

The leading eSports organisation Major League Gaming (MLG) has withdrawn titles and prize money from two teams competing in its Summer Championships.

According to a report on PC Gamer, Curse NA and Team Dignitas are accused of "collusion" in the first round of the Summer Championships' final match. Both teams agreed to play the round in "All Random, All Mid" style, which involves the random selection of champions and combat being limited to the middle lane.

As a result, MLG will not award 1st and 2nd place finishes for the Summer Championships of League of Legends - a decision that the game's developer, Riot Games, fully supports.

""This is in clear violation of both the letter and spirit of MLG's Official Pro Circuit Conduct Rules: 'competitors may not intentionally Forfeit a Game or conspire to manipulate Rankings or Brackets,'" a statement issued by Riot Games read.

In total, the prize money would have been $40,000, and Curse NA has since issued a video apology in which it admits to lacking "professionalism" and "disrespecting" the eSports scene.

However, it is important to note that the team's are not believed to have "thrown" the match; rather, they manipulated the rules of the game while still attempting to win independently. Several senior members of the League of Legends community have disputed the severity of the MLG and Riot Games' reaction.

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John Bye Lead Designer, Future Games of London5 years ago
This is like Murray and Federer deciding to play the first set of the Wimbledon finals left handed. I can see why it might not be great for the spectators, but neither team were trying to manipulate the results or throw the match, so the rule MLG are quoting doesn't seem to apply. Bizarre.
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Dirk van Wijk Student - Computer Science (Master) 5 years ago
Well, it would result in quite a special game, so I think not even the spectators would be disappointed?
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Paul Gheran Scrum Master 5 years ago
This would've been awesome to see. But yes, I suppose it is like determining the NBA championship via HORSE, or the Euro Cup by a best of 5 shootout.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
It figures. If there's a sport, someone will find a way to cheat at it. I wonder how this will affect the whole "E-Sports is the future!!!" fad that's going to fizzle out (again) in the US if someone tries to bring it to TV (again)?
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