Dungeon Fighter Online passes 3 million concurrent users

The MMO breaks its previous record of 2.6 million in China

Nexon's free-to-play Dungeon & Fighter - known as Dungeon Fighter Online on Western shores - has surpassed 3 million maximum concurrent users in China this June. Dungeon & Fighter developers and Nexon subsidiary Neople has been working with Tencent Games to tailor the game for China with new content in the form of June's 'Revolution' update.

"We are pleased to see that 'Dungeon&Fighter,' which was first introduced more than four years ago, continues to set new records year after year," said Shin-Chul Kang, CEO of Neople. "We take pride in developing innovative action-packed games that resonate with players, and we strive to continue delivering highly localized updates to our titles that keep users engaged over time."

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What with the collapse of Zynga and Facebook shares, isn't it time already that we stopped counting bodies and started counting profits?

Facebook and Zynga have proved what everyone should already know (but the world seems to have forgotten), that "We lose $10 on every sale but make it up in volume" is NOT a rational business strategy. Similarly, every online customer costs something to support in terms of machines, bandwidth, etc. If you don't make more then that on them in profits, then that customer is a loss. And the more customers you have at a loss, the *less* money you make.

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