GAME's Oxford St flagship store closing as lease expires

Retailer moving stock and staff elsewhere, refutes rumours of mass closures

GAME's flagship Oxford St. store will soon be closing, although the retailer insists that it's only because the company's lease on the premises has expired.

Rumours of another round of mass store closures, such as those which followed the company entering administration earlier this year, were vehemently denied.

"We can confirm that we will be closing our Oxford Street store on 8th September 2012 due to the expiration of the lease," read a statement from a GAME spokesperson.

"Our West End customers can visit our concession in Hamleys on Regent Street, our flagship store in Westfield Stratford, or our websites at or We also have stores in Hammersmith, Surrey Quays, and Westfield White City.

"We're actively looking at other retail options in the West End, and the Oxford Street team have been temporarily relocated to other stores across London and the South East."

In May, 2012, it was reported that the store's owner, Lazari GP, had been granted the right to evict GAME from the property in a dispute over £100,000 owed rent. At that time, Lazari GP had another customer waiting to take over the property.

That crisis was averted, but GAME has now decided that the staff and stock from the store will be redistributed elsewhere to maintain a central London presence, in addition to the other outlets in the Capital.

Suppliers and publishers had been informed of the store closure this morning.

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Latest comments (4)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
Can you imagine just how much profit that store was making in 2008?
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D9 years ago
1000 a day rent. I'm not surprised. It's a horrible store, too. Cramped, run down. I'm sure they're making the right decision.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 9 years ago
I was going to say I'm sad to hear this but, I genuinely couldn't remember the last time I visited the store. I use the one in westfields London (I despise the american maul feel of Stratford).

So I guess this is a good thing. I'm more worried for Oxford Street itself really. It's becoming the second class cousin to the mega-mauls of Westfields or the trendy more personal high streets along the route.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D9 years ago
Yeah, Oxford Street has really gone downhill. It probably hasn't been helped by the redevelopment going on up near the Tottenham Court Road end, though - and nor by the recession. East of the large HMV near there, there's nothing I'd really want to visit, and not much west of it either. I haven't been to Westfields yet, I detest malls generally. You're right though, the whole road is going downhill.
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