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8th July 2021

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Ubisoft launches Uplay PC digital distribution platform

Ubisoft releases its own contender to Steam and Origin

Ubisoft has become the next publisher to jump into the digital distribution arena with the launch of its Uplay PC application. Like Valve's Steam and EA's Origin, Uplay PC is intended to be the company's community and online retail platform, with friends lists, and integrated store, and a chat system. Uplay PC is an expansion of Ubisoft's 35-million member strong Uplay platform and replaces individual game launchers for Ubisoft PC titles.

"Uplay PC is a great way for customers to discover Ubisoft's games, connect with their friends and gaming communities, and win achievements and content that's not available anywhere else." said Stephanie Perotti, Worldwide Director for Online Games, Ubisoft. "For PC gamers that are already fans of Ubisoft's titles or have been considering trying some of our classics, this promotion is a great deal, and our way of saying thank you for their support."

To kickoff the launch of the Uplay PC application, Ubisoft has made certain PC titles only $1, including Driver: San Francrisco, From Dust, Silent Hunter 5, and Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2. H.A.W.X. 2 is today's $1 title, with a different title taking that spot throughout the weekend. Uplay PC will also be sporting daily discounts up to 75 percent off on other titles.

Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry

8th July 2021

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Latest comments (3)

Luke Davis QA Tester, The Creative Assembly8 years ago
Give one dollar to a company that just got hacked into hmmmmmm I think not
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Hakki Sahinkaya8 years ago
I don't know but I really don't want a world where every publisher has their own platform. Imagine if EA and Ubisoft and the ones who followed no longer supported Steam to support their own platform. Not good.

We need more unity in this industry, not division.
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Corey Skiffington Programmer/Scripter 8 years ago
I don't mind a unified launcher like ManiaPlanet, and I would love to see Steam get a competitor. I don't think a publisher having their own distribution store is useful though. It's just bloatware. I'd MUCH rather see an open cross-platform service shared by the whole industry for PC-Mac-Linux-Console that handled multiplayer DRM, installation activation and digital distribution so all we had to do when buying from a publisher web store was get a key/keyfile. Retail would have the advantage of saving the time to download the installation.
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