Study names GameStop as 10th worst place to work in US data fuels report with employee reviews

A US study utilising employee submitted data has named GameStop as the tenth worst place to work in the USA.

Website 24/7 Wall St. used information from Glassdoor, which allows employees and ex-employees to rate the companies they work for in terms of enjoyment and customer service.

Workers cited a high-sales pressure environment, poor attention to customer needs and a high employee turnover as definitive attributes of GameStop's business.

"Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers," reads one review. "Pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business models place customers at a disadvantage."

GameStop is renowned for pre-order deals and an aggressive policy on second-hand sales, something which may extend to the digital arena soon, if comments from CEO Paul Raines are to be believed.

Erratum: A previous version of this story said GameSpot rather than GameStop in the first paragraph. Apologies for any confusion which arose due to this error.

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Charles Harrington Communications Specialist, CBS Interactive6 years ago
Hi there - just want to note "GameStop" seems to be misspelled in the first line of this story.
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Its sad - speaking from experience in a similar retail outlet in the UK. Generally the staff in such shops want to do their best for the customers as - on the whole - they're passionate gamers.
But emails are sent out to the shops several times a day putting pressure on to reach certain targets and there is this cloud of shame that's fabricated and hung over you if you don't reach said targets.
turns an enjoyable job into a grind as you're more worried about repercussions than giving the customer what they need.
'Oh - you're buying a preowned pc title from 8 years ago? Why not preorder CoD or Halo for a 10 deposit?'
This is almost word for word as you get told to ask EVERY customer to preorder whatever game is coming out next week or next month.
Its a shame as - now I dont work in retail - I know how it works and it puts me off going in game shops. I feel like I'm going to get the poor part time worker into trouble if I don't succumb to preorder requests so I just steer clear and buy off the web!
Sad times, as a game shop used to be a much more relaxed environment for shoppers and workers.
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