Wargaming snaps up BigWorld for $45m

Middleware acquisition will lower development costs for World Of Tanks publisher

World of Tanks publisher Wargaming has acquired Australian middleware company BigWorld in a $45 million deal.

"This very crucial for us, as we want to control the technology provider we are using, now we can integrate them to make internal development more efficient," Wargaming chief executive Victor Kislyi told GamesBeat.

He also told the site that the acquisition would help the company work towards its $200 million a year revenue goal as it prepares to launch World of Warplanes. World of Warships is also in production.

"BigWorld has a licensing business of its own, and we will continue to support its customers. We will be in a position in the future, if everything goes right, to offer the combined BigWorld and Wargaming technology to anyone who wants to do an MMO."

25 BigWorld employees will join the thousand strong Wargaming team, and Kislyi said the deal should help to lower development costs for the studio.

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By Haydn Taylor

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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA7 years ago
Congrats to Victor and the team. Good pick-up!
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Congrats to BigWorld on finding a sucker to buy out a platform upon which no one has every successfully scaled out a commercial game.

To quote someone I know who worked at the now defunct 38 studios, "Its medium-world, at best."

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jeffrey Kesselman on 7th August 2012 5:08pm

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Jamie Ferguson Lead Designer, The Creative Assembly7 years ago
Hi Jeffrey Kesselman

I may be wrong but I do believe that "World of Tanks" is a highly successful commercial game powered by the BigWorld engine?
As think they are going to hit $200 million a year in revenue I would say that probably classifies as "successful" and "commercial"?
I know that most publishers and game development companies would be incredibly jealous of their user base.
But hey, what do i know?
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Congrats to John, Simon & Steve ... you got there in the end. Well done :)
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