Namco Bandai Q1 profits up 200 per cent

Japanese publisher resurgent as Soul Calibur V hits lifetime sales of 1.38 million

Namco Bandai's return to profitability continued apace with a 200 per cent year-on-year increase in the first quarter.

For the quarter ending June 30 2012, the company posted revenues of ¥108.7 billion ($1.39b/£894m), up 23.2 per cent from ¥88.2 billion last year - ¥91.5 billion of that revenue came from the Japanese market. Net profits were ¥10.2 billion ($130m/£83m), an increase of 214.8 per cent from ¥3.2 billion in the same quarter last year.

Namco Bandai's Content division, which contains its video games business, was its most profitable during the quarter, posting a 60 per cent year-on-year increase in revenue to ¥56.9 billion. The division's operating income was ¥12.4 billion, a huge increase over the prior year quarter's ¥519 million.

In total, the company sold just over 4 million home video games during the quarter: 2.66 million on console and 1.36 million on portable devices.

The top-selling game was Soul Calibur V, which sold 680,000 units to take its lifetime total to 1.38 million. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations also passed the 1 million milestone after adding 440,000 sales.

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Tony Johns9 years ago
Happy to see that my commitment to Soul Calibur 5 release purchase was helping someone out.

I paid like $100 for that game, and was pissed to find out that it can now be brought for something like $60 Australian dollars in retailers today.

But still, I would have at least liked to have more characters to the game as well as a deeper story mode that included ALL of the characters and their backgrounds.

Miss the weapon's master mode from the Soul Calibur 2 game, but still the fighting mechanic was awesome. But the lack of the other characters left allot to be desired.

I just hope that my commitment to the latest Tales game Gracius F would be rewarded for such a long wait as well as the translation of Ni No Kuni for next year's release window.

Because I just hate it if Namco Bandai does me over for not releasing Japanese RPGs into PAL region when everyone else is lucky enough to get them.
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