Glu Mobile acquires IGN's GameSpy tech

Deal includes $2.75 million of Glu's stock, tech to aid monetisation of future products

Glu Mobile has acquired IGN Entertainment's GameSpy online gaming technology.

GameSpy handles the connected features of mobile games, including multiplayer matachmaking, player statistics and profiles, friends lists, leaderboards and online storage.

Glu already uses GameSpy tech in its Android game Gun Bros Multiplayer, which launched earlier this year. According to a report on AllThingsD, the deal included $2.75 million of Glu's stock.

"Our acquisition of GameSpy brings Glu industry-recognised leadership in online, cross-platform technology infrastructure," said Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi.

"We expect that the acquisition of GameSpy will be earnings neutral in the near term. However, GameSpy team and technology is expected to help us drive higher monetisation and lifetime value in Glu's titles from 2013 on."

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Rupert Loman Founder & CEO, Gamer Network8 years ago
Interesting! Anyone know what this means for
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers8 years ago
I don't believe it will mean anything for Despite being originally part of the same company, the tech group that handles multiplayer stuff and the website that does consumer reviews at the like have been more or less their own entity operating under the IGN umbrella.
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Kirill Yarovoy Game designer / Narrative designer / Writer 8 years ago
Oh no! There are so many old good and even new games (crysis 2 anyone, borderlands, any Unreal Tournament? Many PS3 games uses it too), that uses GameSpy, and when some company buys something like this, they usually restric access to others and shuts down servers.
Remember p2p systems DemonWare? It was implemented i many games during launch of current console games, and surelly it used demonware central server for matchmaking and so on, and guess what happened next? Activision bought them, shut servers down and now uses its in Call of Duty and other crappy games, but the problem is that all third party games that used DemonWare now have broken multiplayer and no publishers cares to fix it.
Now im afraid this could happen to GameSpy ((
Also IGN and GS uses shared login and userbase, Direct2Drive which IGN sold and untied from their servers, proved to completely broke the logic system and everything that was related to direct2drive (including Crysis 2 in-game DLC store and pre-order bonus), now this could happen again! Ip adress of servers could be different, they could even change the domain and drop support for some extra domains. Damn, thats goind to hurt many games (((
I hoped so much that Valve could buy GameSpy, fix broken parts, and merge it with Steam and made some kind of wrapper so the legacy games could still work. Now my hopes ruined ((
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