Ouya snags Shadowrun Online

Cliffhanger's new title will be coming to Ouya and Linux

Cliffhanger Productions's Shadowrun Online will be coming to Ouya and Linux platforms assuming the project hits its funding limit. The game was previously slated for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

"Adding these platforms will make Shadowrun an even better cross- platform experience! We are very happy to be able to add Linux, which has a dedicated following amongst gamers, and connect all our players into one base," said Cliffhanger co-founder Michael Paeck.

"You can now easily play the game on your tablet, switch to your desktop PC and then later enjoy it on your Ouya-connected TV - without ever having to switch your account or character or suffer from restrictions based on your device! One of the advantages of our fluent turn-based system is the ability to engage in a multiplayer session with or against others without the usual frustrations when different players have different connection or input speeds!"

Shadowrun Online currently sits at $216,887 out of a goal of $500,000, with eleven days left in the funding drive.

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By Mike Williams

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Hugo Dubs Interactive Designer 5 years ago
Is it possible to connect people together while they play on different platforms such as xbox and Playstation?
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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee5 years ago
Its possible between Ouya, PC, PS3. But Microsoft have various restrictions on Xbox Live, to an extent where I think you're restricted to their own servers.
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