OnLive coming to Ouya at launch

Full service to be available for Android machine

OnLive has penned a deal which will see its full service coming to the Ouya Android console at launch, bringing a catalogue of hundreds of games to the machine.

Ouya will become another step in OnLive's cross-platform functionality which allows players to track gaming progress across PC, console and mobile devices.

"When OnLive first heard about Ouya, we were excited to see console gaming becoming more available and open. Like Ouya, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision," said OnLive's UK general manager Bruce Grove.

"Ouya is rethinking the console business, making waves by using standard technology to make gaming for your living room accessible, affordable and more innovative than ever. In OnLive's case, we pioneered a groundbreaking, cloud-based system that instantly delivers games to any device on demand."

Ouya has already caught the eyes of press and public with a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign which has raised well over $5 million from an original target of $950,000. Earlier this week, the machine scored another PR coup when Robert Bowling's Robotoki studio promised to release episodic content for its first game, Human Element, on the machine.

"We're planning to fully integrate as much as possible with the Ouya team while working on this episodic content," Bowling told The Verge in an interview.

"We've talked as much as moving into shared office space so that our engineers, and our coders and designers can sit by their engineers, to make sure we're getting as much as we can out of Ouya.

"This is going to be the first game on the platform, so it's in the benefit of both of us to make sure we're getting full advantage of everything it is. Obviously, a lot of people understand the Android SDK, we know how that works, a lot of people have worked with Tegra 3. But there are specific Ouya-specific hooks and API features that we can tap into that I want to make sure we're taking full advantage of."

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
Now it starts to become more credible.
There is a (very small) chance that the existing platform holders could be outflanked here.
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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee5 years ago
This does boost prospects considerably.

OnLive micro console may bring OnLive to TVs but this brings cloud gaming through OnLive as well as natively developed software on an open platform.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adam Campbell on 30th July 2012 10:50pm

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