AMD console exec leaves for Nvidia

Bob Feldstein has become a vice president at Nvidia

The man responsible for AMD graphics hardware being used in the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii has switched sides and joined AMD rival Nvidia. Former AMD corporate vice president of business development Bob Feldstein has taken a position at Nvidia as its new vice president of technology licensing. The executive was instrumental in convincing hardware manufacturers to use AMD chips in their consoles. Feldstein also led AMD's Boston Design Center, tasked with chip design engineering.

Feldstein told the Wall Street Journal that his last day at AMD was July 13 and his time at Nvidia began on July 16. The move comes as another blow to AMD, who has been struggling against CPU manufacturer Intel and GPU manufacturer Nvidia.

AMD spokesman Andrew Fox told the Wall Street Journal that Arun Iyengar has been named as Feldstein's replacement for the console business. AMD senior design fellow Jim Farrell has been tapped to lead the Boston Design Center.

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Dominic Jakube Student 7 years ago
Funny as I though all the new consoles coming out will be AMD powered.
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