iPhone 5, iPad Mini planned for September - report

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says both product lines will get refreshed in September

The entire world knows that Apple is preparing a new iPhone and iPad - it's just a matter of when we'll actually see the new hardware. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is now planning to release iPhone 5 in early September and the iPad Mini shortly thereafter.

Although this should be considered a rumor for now, it's worth noting that Kuo's record is good; he correctly predicted that Apple would kill off the 17-inch MacBook Pro, and he was one of the first to report on Apple using new in-cell technology to make the next iPhone thinner.

Kuo believes not only that Apple will introduce the iPad Mini in September, but also an updated model of the third generation iPad - one that would address the tablet's heating problems.

Kuo is forecasting huge iPhone and iPad sales for the fourth quarter of 2012, once the new models have the full quarter to build up sales. iPhone sales are pegged to hit 55 million and iPad sales are predicted to reach nearly 24 million during the quarter.

Apple will be releasing earnings later today, so we should have the most up-to-date sales figures for last quarter at that point.

[Via Business Insider and Mac Rumors]

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Latest comments (5)

Ian Brown IT Developer / IT Infrastructure 6 years ago
Oooo an I-Pad mini, isn't that already being sold as an I-pod touch?
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd6 years ago
Interesting if true, because it would represent a true departure from the Jobsian standards. He hated the idea of a smaller tablet (I very much disagree, and actually prefer 7" to 10"). Still, it's a sign that the company is changing. I wonder if it will be for the better or worse.
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Antony Johnston Writer & Narrative Designer 6 years ago
@Nicholas: there have been many recent pieces in the Apple blogosphere explaining why the "Jobs hated small tablets" thing won't stop them. For a start, he specifically called out existing 7"/16:9 tablets, whereas the rumoured model is actually 8"/4:3 -- a big difference in screen and touch target size, as seen here.

Jobs was also renowned for slagging off the very concept of anything Apple didn't sell -- video on iPods and e-books are the most famous examples -- only to turn around later and start selling the same thing.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd6 years ago
@ Antony he actually said he didn't believe ANYTHING smaller than the 10" level would work. But yes, Jobs was notoriously crotchety and angry, and often derided markets he would later enter. So fair enough.
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Antony Johnston Writer & Narrative Designer 6 years ago
@Nicholas Actually, he didn't. He was very specific about targeting 7" tablets. The only thing he said along those lines was "We think 10" is the minimum size for a great tablet app" (emphasis mine). Not quite the "hatred" that people ascribe to it.
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