Half of Western mobile players game at home

Survey finds mobile is becoming the primary home gaming platform for many

According to a new survey by PopCap Games, half of mobile gamers in the United States and United Kingdom chose mobile as their primary home gaming platform. The survey had a total of 1004 respondents with 675 of them being phone-only gamers, 212 being phone and tablet users, and 117 being tablet-only gamers.

When asked about their top ten places to play mobile games, respondents agreed that at home on the couch (69 percent), during a car, train or bus ride (63 percent), and at home in bed (57 percent) were their top three. Tablet gamers were more likely to play at home, with 78 percent saying they played while home on the couch, versus 75 percent of tablet/phone users and 65 percent of phone users. As opposed to their tablet brethren, phone only users were equally likely to play at home or the couch as they were in car, bus or train. Oddly enough, 10 percent of respondents confessed to playing in a place of religious worship or while driving.

This group skewed towards young males with a much higher weekly play time. This same group spent an average of $37.51 versus an average of $21.24 for the overall group of respondent.

"We already know that people play mobile games 'on the go,' but now we are seeing mobile gamers largely favor their mobile devices for home use." said Dennis Ryan, VP of Worldwide Publishing at PopCap. "If you add the fact we are seeing a deluge of new gamers coming in through mobile, we believe mobile gaming is invading the last bastion of video game consoles and personal computers: the home."

The full survey results can be found here.

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Latest comments (3)

Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange7 years ago
This is why the Wii U will succeed with its GamePad innovation. The manner at which tablets and similar devices are used at home are basically the same.

The advantage the GamePad has over these devices is the interface having physical buttons and traditional controller inputs like the directional pad and analog sticks. Not to mention Nintendo games.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
There's so much wrong with that survey that I won't touch every aspect (por ejemplo: why not ask what consoles these mobile users own, how many hours they play and add that to the survey?).

Stats aside (which are great for those championing the death of consoles and the rise of mobile as some sort of "better" replacement), this really means nothing to those gamers who may also play on their phones but also want the overall bigger experience a good console game can offer.

I guess when we see a Skyrim or other big game hit mobile that's a single pay experience, I'll be more impressed. As it stands, people who play mobile games at home are doing so because they can, not because it's the only way they choose to. Hey, I have an N-Gage QD and play it daily, but I also own about 25 or so other consoles which get used as much or much more.

But I'm an exception to the "rule" (I suppose)...
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
This pretty much confirms previous research and the gut feelings of many in smartphone game marketing. Phones are with their owners 24/7 and so end up being the preferred gaming device, even amongst many "core" gamers.
The tablet stats will change radically over the next six months during which time 7 inch tablets take over from 10 inch tablets as the preferred ownership option for gaming. The 10 inch devices are too cumbersome as personal devices and will become more business oriented.

As @Andy Samson says above the Wii U could be inspired. Nintendo concentrating on the entertainment experience instead of the technical specification, as ever.
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