Kuju places Vatra studio "under review"

New management assessing business, but insists no decision has been made

Kuju is currently assessing the viability of its Czech studio Vatra after rumours emerged that the business is to be closed down.

Last month Dominic Wheatley joined Kuju as CEO, alongside Gary Bracey as commercial director.

"The new management team at Kuju have been conducting a strategic review of all aspects of the business, as part of this process the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review, however, at this stage no decisions have yet been made," said the company in a statement.

Last year, Matthew Seymour, head of Vatra for Kuju, left the studio to be replaced by Andy Pang.

Kuju originally set up Vatra in 2009 with a team consisting of ex-Illusion Software and 2K Czech employees to focus on hardcore console games. At the time it had already secured a partnership with Konami for Silent Hill: Downpour and one other project.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
All part of the ongoing revolution.
Large console studios are increasingly unsustainable and are closing down. Hardly surprising when the sales of what they produce have been going down since 2008.
There will be lots more stories like this one.
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard9 years ago
Really sorry to hear about this ... we were lucky enough to do some work with Vatra earlier in the year. Silent Hill Downpour, while it had some issues, also had a lot of good things about it...

Hope that, if they do close, everyone there finds their feet quickly.
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Andrew Animator 9 years ago

I'm sure it was't inteded as such, but you're statement doesn't read very sympathetically.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
Sorry Alex.
Of course it can be very upsetting for those involved and I am very sympathetic to that having been involved a couple of times in similar situations.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Bruce Everiss on 23rd July 2012 4:34pm

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