Intel expects 20 Windows 8 tablets this year

The chip maker believes 2012 will see a wide range of Windows 8 devices

At today's investors call, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that there will be 20 Windows 8-based tablets coming later this year, alongside a host of Intel-powered products. Intel reported second quarter revenue of $13.5 billion (£8.6 billion) with a recorded profit of $2.8 million (£1.8 billion), down from $3 billion (£1.92 billion) last year. Intel expects the third quarter to be sluggish as users hold off on PC purchases until Windows 8's release, with floodgates opening in October.

"Ultrabooks continue to build momentum, and achieved our volume goals in the first half. We are very pleased with the level of innovation and invention being brought into this category, and are now tracking over 140 Ivy Bridge-based designs in the pipeline," said Otellini according to The Verge.

"Of those, more than 40 will be touch-enabled, and a dozen will be convertibles. With visibility into this many designs, we are confident that we'll see $699 systems at retail this fall. We are also tracking more than 20 Windows 8 tablet designs based on our low-power and low-cost Clover Trail Atom SOC, in addition to a number of Core-based tablets."

It will be interesting to see how hardware manufacturers differentiate themselves in a sea of Windows 8 devices.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
What is becoming very clear is that a 7 inch tablet is a completely different beast to a 10 inch tablet. They provide completely different utility to their users. So they will be utterly different markets and will require vastly different content to be provided for them.
According to the Daily Telegraph the current best tablet in the world is probably the Google Nexus 7 in the utility that it provides its user. Manufacturers stuck in the 10 inch tablet market really need to get their skates on if they are not going to be left behind in the 7 inch market.
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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters9 years ago
It's not so much the size, but the price. 200 sounds very reasonable for a Nexus 7, whereas previously, 400+ for an iPad sounded an utter waste of money. I'm still not sure I even need a tablet, considering my phone, my Kindle, games consoles, PC and netbook cover all the things I'd ever want to use it for. I think I need to have a play around with a 7 inch tablet to decide whether it's big enough to be useful, or whether it'll just feel like an oversized phone.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
We have had both in the office for some time and staff have bought both for their private use.
There are two big fundamental differences in the use of 7 and 10 inch tablets.
1) !0 inches you rest on a surface like your knee or a table when you use it. 7 inches you tend to hold it whilst you use it. In fact the Nexus 7 deliberately has a wide bezel to facilitate this.
2) 10 inches is only just slightly more portable than a 13 inch laptop. You are hardly likely to regularly take it to the pub. 7 inches fits in the side pocket of your combat trousers so is going to be available for use far more often.

My take is that 10 inch devices will become much more corporate for spreadsheets, presentations etc. So the Microsoft Surface keyboards are a stroke of genius. Obviously 10 inch devices will be used for web browsing, email etc as well.
I think that the 7 inch devices will be used much, much more for gaming. So the 12 core graphics processor in the Nexus 7 is a stroke of genius. Obviously they will also be used for email, web browsing etc.

7 inch tablets look poised to become a major class of gaming device, bigger than the DS and the PSP and the Vita all combined. I really don't see 10 inch doing this quite so easily.
This makes the Nexus 7 a major, breakthrough device for the game industry.

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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters9 years ago
That's true, I looked up the dimensions and it's almost exactly the same as my Kindle (keyboard version), and that slips into my pocket easily. Not sure I'd carry it around like that though, for safety, but it definitely is very portable.
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