TIGA spent 95,000 on tax relief PR

Trade association reveals cost of lobbying UK government and raising profile of campaign

Trade association TIGA has revealed it spent over 95,000 on publicity to support its games tax relief campaign.

In March, the UK chancellor George Osborne confirmed that the industry would receive tax relief, worth 15 million in 2013-14, and 35 million in 2014-15.

This week TIGA received the Outstanding Public Relations Campaign award for its publicity work. "With a staff of only three, TIGA invested 95,184 in the publicity drive and won a GTR tax break worth 96 million over five years - an excellent return on investment," said Global Business Excellence Awards judge Andrew Areoff.

"We were the only trade association to consistently campaign for a tax relief for games production for four years and it was something we wholeheartedly believed in," added TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

"During that time, we built a strong case and gathered compelling and strong evidence and we could see the change in tone from the government which encouraged us to keep pushing. Without games tax relief, the UK would have continued to see a brain drain abroad and that was something we were desperate to prevent. We are delighted our hard work has been recognised."

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Now to package and pass the cultural test...
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We work with another industry (amusement) that has spent considerably more on lobbying and achieved nothing but resentment - so my hat off to TIGA and UKIE.
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