VC investment in Q2 hits decade-long high

US venture capitalists put $8.1 billion into more than 800 projects, every stage of investment on the rise for the first time

Venture capitalists in the US invested more money in the second quarter of 2012 than any comparable period in the past decade.

According to data from CB Insights, reported by AllThingsD, US VC groups invested $8.1 billion across a total of 812 deals - a 37 per cent increase over the $5.9 billion invested in the first quarter, and a 5 per cent rise year-on-year.

Rather than reflecting a handful of larger deals, CB Insights reported a rise in every stage of funding for the first time since it started gathering data.

There was particularly notable activity in early stage investments, with seed venture capital accounting for 22 per cent of the total despite the data excluding angel investors.

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Nick Parker Consultant 5 years ago
It's a shame that European VCs are not so active.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
In America over 300,000 people now work in app development. So the VC money (or some of it) is being put to good use!
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