PapayaMobile launches cross-promotion network

AppFlood free and exclusively for Android developers

PapayaMobile has launched a new service for Android developers that will allow them to cross promote each other's games for free.

"Developers share with us their anxiety over the ever-increasing cost of user acquisition, so we decided to create a solution that compliments any mobile strategy," said CEO Si Shen.

"We made AppFlood completely free so developers can get their games in the hands of users in a way that's simple, flexible, and fair."

The service is mobile allows registered developers to exchange users and buy and sell installs without paying any commission, which PapayaMobile claims is a first in the mobile space. It also offers a number of advertising options.

Infolife, Frenzoo, and Bulkypix have all taken part in the private beta, as did Caesars Game Studio.

"It was super easy to get AppFlood up and running. It took me literally 10 minutes to integrate the SDK and I had a campaign live within the hour" added CTO Jack Li.

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