Epic: "Next gen is here, it's a PC"

Epic's Fortnite will be primarily PC and will be the first Unreal Engine 4 title

Comic-Con is well under way and the Epic panel has shown off new information about the previously teased Fortnite title. Cliff Bleszinski's newest game will in fact be the first title to run on the highly anticipated Unreal Engine 4.

"Next-gen is here. It's a high-end PC," said Bleszinski during the presentation. He later tweeted, "To be clear - Fortnite is PC primary and first, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility of other platforms later."

For now though, Fortnite will indeed be a PC-exclusive game, according to information from Epic during the panel.

Fortnite was originally teased at the Video Game Awards back in December of 2011; the game was apparently inspired by Minecraft thanks in part to day/night, building/defending principles seen in the game.

Bleszinski has stated that the title will not be a zombie survival game, after many gamers commented on the debut trailer's ending which features various characters readying to fight off a zombie horde.

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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D5 years ago
Let's not forget the UK's very own Pitbull are working super closely with these guys, and recruiting heavily right now - their jobs page on their website has further details. Definitely worth checking out.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 5 years ago
PC exclusive... guess i wont be playing it.
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
@ Rick


Now you know what PC gamers go through, when they look at Uncharted or Journey. :p
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Leon Charles Studying Computer Games Development, University of Westminster5 years ago
Next-Gen does't mean anything now. Can you define next-gen gaming please for core gamers? coz to me looks like Esports is what Next-Gen is, large number of core gamers no longer classified as that 'core' or 'Hardcore'. We are turning into competitive gamers. Esports is next gen. Core gamers shaped this industry, we can end it whenever we want, keep manipulating then you'll see a crash.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
So, it's Minecraft meets Tower Defense with better graphics and you can only play it on a rig out of the price range of many people who can't afford to buy or upgrade a rig. And what's the selling point of the game to folks like that?
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises5 years ago
I think he's wrong, the next generation of consoles won't even be as powerful as current high end PCs. All of the rumored specs say that Sony and Microsoft will cheap out on their graphics card to keep the price low.

I hope I'm wrong though.
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Paul Gheran Scrum Master 5 years ago
Morville: We would go through that, if we cared at all about console games.
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