Mojang's Scrolls will have a paid beta

The next title from Minecraft's developer will be entering closed alpha soon

Mojang's Scrolls will soon enter closed alpha, the next development step before the game moves to a paid open beta. The idea of a paid beta worked very well for Mojang's first title, Minecraft, which released a full real client in November of last year.

"We are rapidly approaching the closed alpha of Scrolls. Although this alpha version will be far from a feature complete version of the game, it will include multiplayer matches, single player matches vs AI and the Deck Builder, where you can build your decks out of the 100+ scrolls that currently exist in the game," said designer Jakob Porser in a post on the official Scrolls website.

"As we get closer to a stable build, we will stop the closed alpha, and move to an open beta, where you will be able to buy the game at a reduced price and with some added benefits," he continued. "If you're wondering why we would release a game that's obviously not finished, the reason is simple: We want your feedback in good time to help us shape Scrolls to be the next big online Collectible Card Game!"

Like Minecraft, Mojang will continue adding new features like single-player to the game as beta continues.

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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
This is the thing Activision was worried about WRT the copywright of the Elder Scrolls series? They couldn't be mistaken as the same thing by anyone!
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 5 years ago
Activision? You mean Bethesda/Zenimax, surely? But yeah, this is the game which got their lawyers all worked up over their The Elder Scrolls trademark. I believe due to trademark law Zenimax had to dispute Mojang's attempted Scrolls trademark, but I don't know how these things work precisely. The end result was that Zenimax now have the trademark to Scrolls as well as The Elder Scrolls and Fus Rah Do, or whatever the dragon shout phrase is. Mojang can use the name 'Scrolls' for this one instalment of the game but do not own the trademark or copyright and do not currently have permission to mark a sequel using the name 'Scrolls'. At least, that's my understanding of the case so far.
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