Valve launches free educational tools based on Portal 2

Teach With Portals is available for teachers to download now

Valve has collaborated with educators to create a set of free learning tools called Teach With Portals.

The tools were designed by teachers with help from Valve's designers, based on the recently released Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. The aim is to promote S.T.E.M. - science, technology, engineering and maths - education.

"The educational version of our Puzzle Maker empowers students and educators to craft unique puzzles, explore worlds, and share custom lesson plans," a statement on the initiative's website reads. "Teachers can also simply leverage other contributor's shared lessons, selecting among the best of them to suit their learners' needs."

Teach With Portals is available to download for free now. Anybody who signs up will also gain access to a Valve Education forum, which will host debate and discussion on the use of video game technology in the class room.

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
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Matthew Handrahan European Deputy Editor, GamesIndustry.biz5 years ago
Thanks for the spot, Morville.
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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd5 years ago
I would have been more enthusiastic when I was at school if there was Portal involved (If it was out back then of course).
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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve5 years ago
Sounds like a fantastic idea, and definitely a good example of the power and potential of games. I don't know how useful it will be in practice, but with it being Valve in partnership with schools I'm optimistic about it.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 5 years ago
On the other hand, it might encourage kids to eat cake and be blamed for obesity in children. No wait, there wasn't cake in Portal 2, was there? Okay, maybe some kids will go on to develop megalomaniac hostile AIs and Portal 2 will get the blame. A bit far fetched perhaps, but I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere for The Daily Mail and Fox News.
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Robert Aiking Product Manager, InnoGames5 years ago
Now, I love Portal and Portal 2, but surely the number of things that can be learned or demonstrated with them is fairly limited - perhaps to the extent that it is not worth it?

I had a look at the "Lesson Plans" on the TeachWithPortals site, and the only one that seemed useful was the lesson about conservation of momentum. Anyone care to help me out?
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
My girlfriend is a mathematics teacher. I haven't shown her the site yet, but going off of lesson plans I know she's written in the past, Parabolas, 2-D Nets, Spatial Visualisations and Volumes are all things that she could find useful in teaching. :)

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