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Sony on The Cloud: It's "absolutely inevitable"

It would seem that Sony is indeed preparing to embrace cloud gaming - will PS4 offer a cloud service?

While companies like Gaikai and OnLive continue to push ahead with cloud gaming technology, the console manufacturers are still very much focused on selling you a physical game disc. Even the next-gen hardware from Sony and Microsoft are very likely to play discs, but Sony is clearly evaluating how to offer a cloud service - it's just a matter of when.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International during E3, when we asked Scott Rohde, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president about cloud technology, he commented that it's "absolutely inevitable that it's going to be a part of what everyone does."

He added, without getting into specifics on cloud gaming, "It just makes sense. And so, over the next five years, you're going to see everything evolve to that state because people want access to their data anywhere."

Rohde declined to say whether Sony is actively preparing a cloud games service. "Will there be a streaming service? Will there be a partnership? I'm not going to answer those questions right now. But, like I've said ten times, like a broken record, the industry is always evolving," he stated.

That said, Rohde's boss, Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida was a bit more forthcoming in a talk with MCV. "We're looking at what OnLive is doing, and the tech around that, and considering how this can be a part of PlayStation," Yoshida said.

The problem right now for Sony is that web infrastructure is not consistent across territories and some gamers would not be able to enjoy a PlayStation cloud service.

"When there are faster internet connections, gaming in the cloud as a subscription service could become a reality," Yoshida acknowledged.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (5)

Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 9 years ago
Yup just like they did with BluRay, The UMD, 3D... technology people dont want or cant use... good going SONY, hope your arrogance helps you as much as its done in the past.

I for one dont care about 3D, know plenty of people that have a 3D tv and dont use the feature. Plus I only bought my HD TV less than a year ago. And its only NOW that people can afford an HD TV.

Just make a console using current technology people can afford dammit. Things will eventually move to digital... just not now. or better yet make a console using current technology that can be upgraded with more RAM and features as they become available in the future.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Rick Lopez on 15th June 2012 8:18pm

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James Brightman Editor, North America, GamesIndustry.biz9 years ago
@ Rick, I don't think they are doing it now. I do believe they are laying the groundwork. My hunch is with PS4 at some point you will have a cloud gaming option but it won't be forced on you, and you'll very easily be able to buy the physical copy.
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Sebastian Moss Editor -in- Chief, PlayStation LifeStyle9 years ago
The sooner they get into the cloud game, the better
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Brian Smith Artist 9 years ago
MS and Sony will not be complacent about cloud gaming. Will they or won't they seems to be the question at the moment. IMO they'll definitely be there and quite possibly will lead the pack when the time is right. Like them or hate them they have the resources, time and people to make it work better than anyone.
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You have to understand that SONY executives know they're in the cross hairs of their Japanese bosses, and are doing everything to 'big up' their position and look to be irreplaceable.

The fundamental is - the PS3 was a busted flush as a business model, expensive to build, hard to promote, and develop on. The best games that exercise the architecture (and achieved the hype) did not appear until very late in the cycle (just as it became a peripheral war!) The PS3 online model was a failure, and no matter what Phil' claims, was a poorly executed and managed model.

The next system will have to be a DLC & retail hybrid, not because of this being the best tech route, but to protect Sony if the market swaps mid-cycle. That said, as soon as the retail boys loose their hold on dictating business strategy, and the players can vote with their thumbs. Then a better place the consumer game market will be.

We have to understand, that what is the best game, what is the best console, who is the best publisher - has not been wholly decided by what players wanted to buy - it has been dictated by what retailers have been encouraged to stock! If that model is removed then we have a totally different market, so voting for DLC for those in the media and the games business is like turkeys voting for Christmas!
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