THQ's Rubin: I don't know what went wrong for Bilson

But new president praises predecessor's work

THQ's new president Jason Rubin has tactfully dodged questions about the fate of his predecessor, Danny Bilson, and praised titles like Darksiders and the new South Park game.

"I don't think it's a question for me, I wasn't here, so I really can't. I just know what I've inherited," he told Joystiq.

"And what I've inherited are some pretty darn good titles. Why they didn't do another Company of Heroes between the first and the second when the first one was the highest rated [RTS] ever? Certainly can't answer that question coming in seven days later, but I would say that was a mistake."

Bilson's departure was announced two weeks ago, just a week after he had visited the UK on a promotional tour for THQ's current titles, and gave interviews to the UK press.

"If I look to Danny's past, I don't know what went wrong because I wasn't here, but I can tell you some things went right. Because I can't take any credit for Stick of Truth, Darksiders, Company of Heroes 2, or Metro. They're here as I come in. Where we go in the future will be my responsibility."

In another recent interview, THQ CEO Brian Farrell admitted the company had recently hit rock bottom.

"I think we have not only hit that bottom, but we're starting to pull out a little bit."

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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 7 years ago
What do you mean you don't know what went wrong?

Pioneers are taken down with high frequency all the time. It goes with the territory.
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