Dead Island: Riptide sees budget price due to "end of console cycle"

Coming on the end of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 lifespan means Dead Island's sequel gets $10 knocked off the MSRP

During E3 2012, Deep Silver announced Dead Island: Riptide, a new title in the prospective Dead Island franchise. Retailers have the game listed for $49.99, so Ripten did some digging to see if the title was a brand-new game or an improved version of the first game. Deep Silver marketing manager Aubrey Norris confirmed on Twitter that the game is not a remake, stating that the budget price was due to it being the end of a console cycle.

"It is a new game. Not a remake," she tweeted to Ripten's Chris Carlson.

"It is a full game and next installment in the franchise," she later said to another inquiring follower.

Norris confirmed that the $49.99 was the game's real price, before explaining Deep Silver's decision.

"It's the end of a console cycle- we think this price makes a lot more sense given that," she said.

No release date has been given for Dead Island: Riptide.

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Latest comments (2)

James Prendergast Research Chemist 5 years ago
I think the price reduction will induce more sales and make the game even more popular. (No sarcasm!)

Looking forward to exploring this sequel as I did with the original.
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
Will that price reduction extend to the PC version? It seems unlikely.
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