Slightly Mad Studios appoints new COO

Michele Pes leaves role of CEO of 10tacle Studios to join racing specialist

Need For Speed SHIFT developer Slightly Mad Studios has appointed Michele Pes as its new COO.

Pes was previously CEO of German developer 10tacle Studios. His new role will focus on creating new business opportunities for the company, particularly in the emerging markets in Asia.

"Michele Pes is an experienced manager who matured through the ups and downs that the gaming industry has to offer," said Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell in a statement. "As an insider he knows the gaming industry from its core and he is also well connected in Asia. These qualities enable him to help us reach our compay's high business goals."

"Slightly Mad Studios is the number one independent developer in racing games," Pes added. "Our games and technologies can be successful everywhere in the world. My mission is to make that happen."

Slightly Mad Studios is currently developing Project CARS, which is being partially funded through its proprietary crowd-funding portal, World of Mass Development (WMD). So far, Project CARS has raised more than €1 million through WMD.

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Brian Smith Artist 5 years ago
I for one wish SMS the best of luck with PCARS. They did it themselves without kickstarter and are going to pay investor returns... brilliant (assuming it all goes to plan).

He better work damn hard though as those backers are a hard to please crowd.
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