E3 2012 attracts 45,700 to Los Angeles

Attendees spend nearly $40 million, news on next year's location to follow shortly

This year's E3 Expo attracted 45,700 industry professionals to the Los Angeles Convention Centre to see products from more than 200 exhibitors.

According to figures released by the ESA, the crowds spent almost $40 million over the course of the event, and booked an estimated 30,000 hotel rooms.

"E3 2012 focused and harnessed the passion, energy, and excitement for video games and propelled our industry into the global spotlight," said ESA president and CEO Michael D. Gallagher.

"Thanks to our members and exhibitors' remarkable vision, billions of consumers watched and learned about our industry and this incredible intersection of creativity, technology, and content. We look forward to building on this great momentum for 2013."

The ESA will announce the dates and location for E3 2013 soon. Earlier this week, news emerged that the show may have to move due to plans to renovate the convention centre, with New York, Chicago and New Orleans all rumoured as alternatives.

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Jeremy Meyer VIP Services Host 5 years ago
I highly doubt E3 will move from the LA Convention Center next year as the improvements and or construction is all related to the supposed new NFL football stadium that is supposed to be built where west hall currently sits. But this demolition of west hall will not start until AEG knows 110% that a new NFL team will move into the stadium.
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