Sony undecided about Gamescom attendance

[UPDATE] Sony agrees to attend Gamescom

Update: Shortly after giving a non-committal to Gamecom 2012 attendance, Sony and the Koelnmesse reached an agreement that will put the company in a booth comparable to last year's booth. The main exhibits at the show should be comparable to what they have at E3 with new franchises, PSN titles, Wonderbook, and PS Vita features especially cross-connectivity.

Original story: A Sony representative has told GamesIndustry International exclusively at E3 that the publisher is still uncertain about attending Gamescom in Cologne this year.

Speaking to Games Industry Germany's Christoph Holowaty, SCE's German communications director Guido Alt said that a decision is yet to be reached on whether or not the platform holder will have a presence at the show.

"We have to judge if it makes sense to exhibit at gamescom every year," said Alt. "We are still negotiating with Koelnmesse. What I can say is that we did not sign a contract so far."

Whilst Sony is likely looking to exert some pressure on the organisers at Kolnmesse over terms, its non-attendance would be a difficult crack to paper over. Nintendo has already said it won't be attending, despite the show now being the world's largest consumer gaming event.

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Geoff Spick Editor/Writer 5 years ago
Well that's this article on how Sony can make up for E3's poor Vita showing buggered... Sony will be making a massive error if it doesn't come back out fighting.
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There is much potential good news to build up just by being in attendance at Gamescomm. Vita would be a perfect vehicle to grab the headlines whilst the teams beaver onwards for these rumoured next gen titles
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