Sony: "We've never been first, we've never been cheapest"

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton says console business is about being the best

Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, has done his best to calm speculation that Sony hopes to be the first to launch a console in the next hardware cycle.

"We've never been first, we've never been cheapest, it's about being best," he told GameTrailers.

"And I think if you can build a better machine and it's going to come out a little bit later, that's better than rushing something to market that's going to run out of gas for the long-term."

The PlayStation 3 launched a year after its rival, the Xbox 360. Many have speculated that Sony won't want to make the same mistake again, with Jim Ryan, PlayStation Europe boss, telling Eurogamer "I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition," back in November last year.

"I think, ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first, that's cheapest, but the number one goal is to be the best machine and that's what we're always focused on," Tretton added.

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By Brendan Sinclair

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 5 years ago
good luck... Hope your philosofy of selling hardware at a loss and being the most expensive game console maker works out for you, like it has in the past... GooOOOO SONY!!!

By the time Nintendo runs out of gas they will be putting out a new console after the WiiU, and then youll be the one without any gas by the time PS4 reaches its full life cycle. And in all this, nintendo has put out hardware that all along sells at a profit. Your the best SONY.
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