CCP: Eve Online could live 30 years

MMO has triple the people working on it today than it did at launch

CCP heads have revealed they're planning a long and healthy life for space MMO Eve Online, and they're backing it up with an expanding team of developers.

"We believe in making virtual worlds, and they don't have a shelf life," producer Jon Lander told Massively.

"We want this game to be around in 10, 20, 30 years. We want a Dust 10-year anniversary, and this universe is constantly growing."

Free-to-play PS3 title, Dust 514, is a multiplayer shooter that will tie into the Eve Online universe.

Creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson added that the games was close to breaking its all-time subscriber record, 9 years after launch.

"We have three or four times as many people working on EVE today compared to launch. The development team has grown along with the revenue. We've never scaled down or switched over to a live team or a skeleton team," continued Olafsson.

Lander also spoke to GamesIndustry International in May as part of an exclusive interview.

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Latest comments (3)

Brian Smith Artist 5 years ago
It takes that long to do stuff in EVE I wouldn't be surprised it being here in 20 years time. 2 weeks to learn those skills, 1 week to train in that, 3 weeks to become qualified to use it.... ARGGGGHHHHHHHH.
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Sander De Visser Developer 5 years ago
What I don't understand is how they expect people to still play Dust514 on the PS3 in 10, or even 20 years. I also wish they'd release it on the PC.

@ Brian: That's why there is also Dust514, or WoW, or CoD for that matter. :)
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Andrew Ihegbu / 5 years ago
If Dust works anywhere near the way Eve does then it could last 20 years.

@Brian, that's because, aside from the first maybe 3 months (where all your skills wont take more than a day anyway), you're supposed to spend more time playing the game than learning how to use new toys.

I play Eve more as much as I play all other games combined. Its a great game and I can see it lasting a very long time. The Biyearly updates always introduce something interesting and the game never feels old. Like all games I may leave in a year or so, but unlike other games I feel like if I go back to it, and reactivate my char a year after, I will actually have new things to do with my time on the game, because even if they stopped adding stuff to the game now, there's easily a years worth of content in Eve.
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