Sony PlayStation Mobile gets HTC as first partner

Sony to rebrand PlayStation Suite as PlayStation Mobile

Sony's ambitious partners program with PlayStation Suite, announced last year, has been sort of quiet these past few months. Sony has brought Suite back to the forefront, this time to rebrand it to PlayStation Mobile, a new initiative to put more developers on the mobile platforms.

Stating their commitment to working more on said devices, Sony president of SCEE Andrew House has announced their first partner in HTC. The new deal will put more hardware support for gaming directly from HTC will begin in earnest sometime soon. Sony confirmed that the new platform has been in open beta since April of this year.

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By Brendan Sinclair

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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 5 years ago
The real question is where they're going to get the customers for this. I find the design of the Xperia Play quite pleasing and I was seriously considering buying one until I found out that none of my PSP games, not even the PSOne Classics or Minis that I can also play on my PS3, will be carried over. (They do have about five PSOne games available, but you need to re-purchase them.)

Essentially, they've started a completely separate ecosystem and they're telling their vast audience of PSN users that they need to start all over again if they want to use PlayStation Suite. Not a very compelling proposition.
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Paul Shirley Programmers 5 years ago
Another question is how many devs are going to risk supporting this after the Play fiasco. Not just the dropping the Play hardware but the confused mess of stores, none of them successful, some nearly empty while others were just clones of the Google store.

I cant help thinking Sony desperately want a store front on devices but lack any sort of clue on how to give users a store they want to use. Leaving the Suite and it's rotating naming a lame duck.
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