Battlefield Premium announced, is live currently

Battlefield launches new content, announces two new DLC packs

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the Battlefield 3 Premium service, which has just gone live with the announcement. This comes just as an internal document was leaked earlier this week detailing much of what the service is to offer.

Highlights from the service include 2 new DLC packs, Aftermath and End Game, in which gamers will finally get a shot at running around with Motorcycles. Several new events and in-game items are also being added to the fray. Both of those DLC packs are not currently available, but will be unlocked and ready to play when released if purchased through the Premium service.

Rather than act as a subscription service, all of the content currently released and soon to be released will be sold at a one-time fee.

The new pack is priced at 4,000 MS points or $49.99 in the US.

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
Might want to add a bit to this piece. For instance...

Aftermath and End Game aren't out yet, and the piece implies they've been released. It also implies that both those pieces of DLC are exclusive to the Premium Package, which might be true, but is highly unlikely.
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Ian Brown IT Developer / IT Infrastructure 5 years ago
So its COD Elite? or GoW season pass? 4000 points still seems far to much for content for 2 DLC packs. At least the GoW 3 season pass was a third off at the time it was released costing around 2500 points for 4 map packs and around an hour or so of additional story campaign.
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
Also, no discount for those who have B2K already. And they still shouldn't have allowed pre-ordering and payment of Close Quarters before this.
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Ben Strauss Consultant, Gun Media Holdings5 years ago

Have amended to clarify that those DLC packs are not currently available.

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Gregory Keenan5 years ago
The biggest issue with premium is that people think its either a subscription similar to COD:Elite or that it isn't value for money (which it is when you consider you save around 8 if you buy each expansion separately (even ignoring Karkland)).

It really was very bad marketing comparing it to COD:Elite and calling it a "service" did not help either. If it had been sold as a "pre-order pack and gain exclusive items" I don't think it would have been as divisive an issue in the BF3 world.

Also to elaborate: It didn't help that DICE went on record saying they don't agree with charging for maps as it fragments the player base - then next game charge a fairly large amount for them.

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